Riverside ATV Park

The scenery in Riverside ATV Park is truly diverse with old growth forest and thick wildlife. Spend enough time in there and you’ll surely see deer, raccoons, turkey and even beaver. With 157 acres accessible by dirt bikes, atv’s and hiking it is truly an asset to the whole county as well as riders from more distant places. Being free to the public and inside city limits, it’s where a lot of children get their first taste of atv’s and dirt bikes.
For decades the trails have been maintained by volunteers, and we as a club feel this has always been, and will continue to be the best of all alternatives for keeping the trails safe and enjoyable. Who would know better than frequent users of the park what’s important and what’s not important? What’s a safety hazard and what’s not? What’s sustainable and what’s not? As such, the S.C.T.R.C. hopes to foster or “adopt” Riverside ATV Park by providing a website where users of the park can get contact information of other park users so they can coordinate volunteer efforts, find someone to ride with or just ask a question.
In addition, the S.C.T.R.C. provides local government and the surrounding community with a direct line to the people who know the park best. The communities concerns and the local government’s concerns are also our concerns. We want to be seen as a resource: A group of volunteers who can head off problems before they wind up in the county’s lap and help them get the most bang-for-the-buck should they agree to make improvements to the park. We actual want the county’s maintenance cost’s for this park to be as close to zero as possible. It’s to our advantage to be able to brag about how nice we’ve made it for a fraction of what other parks cost to keep up.
Membership in S.C.T.R.C. is free and we welcome all users of the park even if all you do is walk in to fish on the river bank. By word-of-mouth and by setting an example we hope to get riders to use appropriate safety equipment, ride within their limits and be considerate of other users of the park and the surrounding neighborhood. We don’t support misuse, abuse, ignorance of the law or littering. Remember, safe riding keeps the fun going year after year.